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Street food is extremely 'on trend' right now, however in Turkey it's much more of a convention than the usual new fad. Turks enjoy grabbing a bite on the go and also the street food here's hugely varied, broadly available, frequently high quality, and fairly priced. For more information on turkish mosaic lamps, visit our website today!

Here's an array of our favourite cheap eats which should are available in for less than 10 TL (frequently less expensive).


Hailing in the town of Mersin around the south coast, Tantuni is among the tastiest kebab meats you'll find (within the author's opinion a minimum of). It is a ground or finely cut beef that is cooked in spices on the large hot plate. It's spicy and succulent and offered with parsley in both bread or like a durum (wrap).


So easy and yet so perfectly created. Lahmacun is really a pizza-esque base capped having a thin layer of tomato, herbs and meat. After this you grow it with salad, top with fresh lemon juice and roll up just like a wrap. Around 3 TL it is a cheap and attractive dish although I have never were able to stop at one...

Çig Köfte

A hugely popular dish, you will find shops and stalls everywhere. ÇIÄ? Köfte means 'raw meatballs' and typically these köfte are created with the addition of raw ground beef towards the primary base of the spicy bulgur mix. However, using raw meat was outlawed for retailers earlier and today the köfte are bulgur only - so additionally a good choice for vegetarians and vegans. It makes sense to buy an Ayran (yogurt drink) because these small treats pack a spicy punch!


Now bear beside me, since i know the thought of grilled sheep intestines is not immediately appealing. However, I challenge you to definitely spend ten seconds waiting a Kokoreç grill and let me know the mouth area is not watering. This succulent meat is slow cooked with a good amount of herbs. It's offered in bread that soaks in all of the juices and is the best dish to round off an evening out.


The king of cheap eats is appropriately formed just like a gold crown. You cannot walk for over a 5 minutes without visiting a Simit for purchase - whether form carts or in the numerous bakeries. Typically, bakeries sell a softer version than carts. These mighty snacks costs just 1 TL, even just in probably the most touristy areas. Pair with Ayran and you'll have a pretty decent lunch for just 2 TL. And when you are dining inside a loaves of bread additionally they go perfectly with çay (Turkish tea).

Street Köfte

Köfte are large, grilled meatballs and therefore are a hugely popular dish in Turkey, fitness center when eating at restaurants. You can find them like a meal, usually supported by grain and salad, or like a durum (wrap). But the easiest method to eat them comes from a street cart. They're usually grilled, instead of fried, and offered like a durum with salad. So grab your wrap, look for a bench having a view and tuck in! Want to know more about automatic turkish coffee maker? Visit our website for more information.

Now we all know you are most likely thinking: "How may you have a summary of Turkish street food without Döner?" I freely admit there are some omissions but I needed to stop somewhere or this publish could be twenty pages lengthy!

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